Interview with Chloe

Excerpts from an Interview with Chloe Faith Wordsworth
from “Healing on the Crest of a Wave”
by Nikki Francis for (UK) Kindred Spirit Magazine Vol 3 Number 12

NF: What is Holographic Repatterning®  (Resonance Repatterning®) ?

CFW:  Holographic Repatterning® is a method for identifying unconscious patterns of negative resonance (resonance being an affinity, negative resonance thus being an affinity with a negative belief or condition) which create limitations or problems in any area of our lives. When we resonate with unconscious negative beliefs, we create a reality based on limitation. Instead we need to resonate with words or beliefs that empower or energise us. So, it is a method which allows us both to find what our unconscious patterns are and how to transform them, should we so desire.

NF: So the repatterning aspect refers to a switch from resonance with life-depleting beliefs or conditions to resonance with life-affirming beliefs or conditions?

CFW: Basically, yes. But in order to change something we first need to know its structure…Science now accepts that matter consists of a series of pulsing energy fields – vibrating frequencies of energy – and that the frequency wave pattern determines the character and function of matter. In other words, the frequency makes the form. In the old way of thinking, we perceived form as a fixed and concrete reality. In actual fact form is made of frequencies – sound and light.

If we want to experience a different reality there are three things we need to do. Firstly we need to pinpoint any unconscious negative perceptions so we can bring the frequency wave patterns back to their optimal level of functioning. Secondly, we need to bring our energy system into alignment with its optimal resonance; and thirdly, we need to recognize, and possibly change, our point of view. So with Holographic Repatterning® we work with the events in our lives and our responses to those events, our energy responses to events plus our beliefs, and thus what we access. We view our reality as having a structure made from these three components. Once you know the structure, you can change it.

Often in healing, a disease or condition disappears for a while but then returns. Take the case of a woman who had asthma her whole life. After one month of Holographic Repatterning, she no longer had asthma. One month later, however, she was again suffering from asthma and returned for more treatment. I then found that she had a belief that her marriage would only work if she was an asthmatic – her husband had been unable to cope with the sexy and energetic woman she had become when she was free of the asthma. So for healing to be complete and permanent, the entire structure must be resonating at optimum levels.

NF: Is there anything that you cannot use Holographic Repatterning® (Resonance Repatterning®)for?

CFW: Yes, it cannot be used to diagnose an illness. A person may, for example, resonate with cancer as a concept, but not have it in the body. It should also not be used in place of intuition or making decisions. Lastly, it is very important that you only practice Holograpahic Repatterning® on someone if you have their permission, although there are exceptions to this rule - for example, someone in a coma or doing a session on a baby.

NF: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

CFW: For me, Holographic Repatterning® opens so many doors to achieving our potential: when we are unable to resonate with what is positive and life-affirming, our energy system becomes constricted. This is like putting your foot on a hosepipe: the water no longer flows through freely. When the huge potential of our life energy only dribbles through the hosepipe of our body-mind system, we can no longer ‘live’ life; we find ourselves simply ‘getting through’ life. When we merely exist, it means that we have resigned ourselves to our pain and inadequacy, rather than taking up the commitment and challenge to free ourselves of life-depleting habits and responses, and to manifesting the full light of our consciousness.