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Living in Tune - Radio Shows

with Chloe Faith Wordsworth (Founder)

Living In Tune | Resonance Repatterning Institute

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Do you want to know what a Resonance Repatterning Session is like?

Listen to live recordings and find out…..

These recordings are all part of a promotional series of Radio shows hosted by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (Founder of Resonance Repatterning) to enable the listener to understand how this incredible process works.

Resonance Repatterning Practitioners are trained to track the need of the client at the time, to allow what wants to be identified and expressed to have the opportunity to show and to be brought to conscious awareness. It is a very accepting, kind and respectful process. As a Practitoner, I trust that your body-mind-system knows exactly where to go within and I merely facilitate that journey, giving you the support you need along the way.

These recordings are an example of how sessions might unfold, each session is different and you will get a sense of what you might expect to experience.

What is the next step? … Now you’ve listened in, have the courage to explore within… pick up the phone to find out how to book your session now.